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 Our Mission 

The mission of Wimberley Fire Rescue is the protection of life and property from the adverse effects of fires, exposures to man-made and/or natural dangerous conditions, and supporting medical emergency services.  All members, resources and activities are dedicated to providing excellence in fire suppression, hazard abatement, rescue equipment, committed training, and effective public education.

 Our Vision 

Wimberley Fire Rescue will be a highly effective, community focused organization with a skilled, enthusiastic, and empowered workforce.  We will continually foster a spirit of professionalism, volunteerism and pride within our members and will earn the support of our citizens by providing the highest level of emergency services to Hays County. 

 Our Values 

Accountability: We are accountable to our Citizens, our Organization and Ourselves.

Change: We will embrace it and utilize it to improve services to the community and staff.

Community: We will always remember we serve the citizens and visitors to our community.

Each Other: We will protect and nurture each other.

Family: We will support and care for our families and support each other in this endeavor.

Honesty: We will be truthful in all we say, do and write.

Integrity: We will be ethical, fair and respectful with all people.

Leadership: We will expect leaders to listen to the  to the membership, be advocates and be responsive and in turn will respect the decisions of leaders and give thoughtful feedback.

Mission: We will be mission driven in all things we do.

Opportunity: We will create opportunity, capitalize on it and use it to achieve our goals.

Partnerships: We will collaborate with others to provide the highest level of service possible.

Teamwork: We will work and communicate with each other to be efficient and effective.

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